The end of a Rhino species

Goodbye Western Black Rhino

I learned this week that one more species has  gone extinct. I was strongly affected by this, perhaps because it came right on the heels of the strongest typhoon ever recorded. As a vegan and an animal lover, I feel terrible that yet another species has vanished. Whether you consider an animal species to be a gift of nature or a gift from God, I hope you will agree with me that this is a tragedy.

So after worrying about this for a while, I decided that I need to take some action and help others do the same.

Starting locally.

  • Make sure my local politicians know that I consider wildlife habitat to be important both for the wildlife and for the enjoyment of the many people live in or visit Florida.
  • Continue making sure that my yard contains ever more wildlife habitat.
  • Reduce consumption of things that affect this planet. Less driving, more biking. Less habitat destroying fertilizer. No GMOs which may be killing Monarch butterflies and doing God only knows what to the people eating them. No meat! The food and water used to feed animals are better off used to feed people.
  • Learn more about how buying fair trade products and other sustainable products from Africa can help the people their protect their own eco-systems. Then shop smarter.
  • Remember that showing compassion to animals and showing compassion to people are equally important. Wealthy, well fed Americans have the luxury of thinking about steps 1-4 above. Hungry, malnurished people who were kicked off their tribal land by a foreign corporation that purchased rights from corrupt politicians do not have that luxury.
  • Always remember that every choice we make has consequences. I’m sure that I have made choices that in some way, large or small have contributed to the extinction of a species. I know that I have made poor choices in the past toward wildlife and farm animals. I can only keep trying to improve. Will you?

While writing this I learned that this species was last seen in 2006.  So I’m a little behind, but this still happened recently.  Moreover, we may be in the middle of a mass extinction, but there is much we can do.